David Lynch Heads for The I.E.

lynchL.A.-based filmmaker (and a losanjealous favorite), David Lynch, has announced a new project called “Inland Empire.” No details were given other than: “it’s about a film within a film.” A quick Google shows that Laura Dern and Peter Lucas have been cast in some capacity. Will this story in fact take place in our own rapidly metastasizing Inland Empire or is he just borrowing the phrase? This is Lynch’s first project since 2001’s “Mulholland Drive,” so obviously we are eager to see what this is all about.

(Now if only some of our other longtime favorite filmmakers, would take as much time considering their new projects…)

In another bit of Lynch news, it looks like the release of the 2nd season of Twin Peaks DVD set has been pushed back to 2006, according to Lynch fan site dugpa.com. Seeing as how studios release every last god awful show on DVD, you’d think they’d get the 29 total episodes of Twin Peaks to Costco already.