Jedi Overtake Sunset Blvd

no cruising, if you pleaseWednesday evening. I’ve just been to Tower Records and I’m crusing down sunset in the no cruising zone, headed towards the east side and the greatest cup of coffee in the city of Los Angeles, hands down (please, don’t argue – this one beats even the potent cup found @ Kings Road Cafe). Suddenly I see a flash of color, oblong-shaped. Then another. A brown robe. A shorter brown robe. Six more short brown robes. A whole bunch of swinging flashes of color! A white Toyota MR-2 completely tricked out to resemble an X-Wing replete with fully functional R2 unit!

It was opening night. The arclight and the vista both had throngs of people in robes, kids with sabers, storms with Troopers, Wookies on parade. A bit of research uncovers that these were in fact the Jedi that have been perfecting their jedi craft for six weeks outside the wrong theatre. They overtook Arclight and the Vista with an unrivalled display of force.

The Jedi were waiting for midnight, and the streets were noticeably void of cime as a result. God bless those Jedi. They made my drive from Tower to Cafe Tropical so much safer. I have a feeling they may even have dissuaded a few of those stoplight cameras from busting me in West Hollywood, but this remains unverified at press time.