Last L.A.-set TV Drama Begins Its Fade Out

FishersRemember shows like “Moonlighting” and “L.A. Law” where you might actually see characters in recognizable L.A. locations? These days, there are no television dramas set in Los Angeles. (No, The OC does NOT count.) There is probably a good reason for this, so someone should do some work and figure out why this is the case.

Fisher & Diaz Mortuary HomeHBO’s Six Feet Under was the last of one hour show set in and around Los Angeles and it’s last season starts tonight. The show has arguably jumped the shark, but is still better than 90% of TV (100% better than the networks’ summer replacement filler).

If you went and got yourself banned from the beach around the Geffen Estate, you can still swing by the house used for the exteriors of the SFU’s Fisher & Diaz Morturary Home off the 10.