Ojai Wine Festival Promises Booze, Lack of Religion

boozeDon’t know what to do with your Sunday? Head to Ojai immediately and let the juicing begin. I’ve been invited to the Ojai Wine Festival by a friend and her cousin, a self-proclaimed “partially wine-knowledged person who is not a bonafide wine snob but a good person to be around at such a festival” …

Having known about this event for a good 48 hours now, I’m just now getting around to Googling it and finding out what’s going on. Apparently our ticket grants us access to the goods of 50 wineries and three breweries – not a bad haul for $25 advanced. I’m just glad I’m not the one driving us back to LA.

I promise to drunkenly phonetxt field reports tomorrow. We’ll be there when the gate opens so we can start guzzling as much delectable central coast swill as possible. Think sideways, folks. On that vein, is it just me or does the chairman of the festival bear more than a passing resemblance to a crazed Paul Giamatti?