Free Corporate Coffee-Flavored Ice Cream Wednesday

starbucks ice creamStarbucks will be dishing out free ice cream Wednesday. Their promo photo makes it look like you’re going to get seven heaping scoops in a giant bowl, but the fine print says you get 4 oz. or less.

While you’re waiting in line be sure to convince yourself that you actually do like the taste of Starbucks coffee and that you haven’t succumbed to pressure from brand bullies.

Find the nearest Starbucks (or just step outside and walk three blocks in any direction).

starbucks free sampleUPDATE: Victor went ahead and waited in line for a sample. Check out his photo. The Starbucks giveaway looks to be just slightly larger than the free miniature pink spoon samples they hand out at Baskin-Robbins. Also notice his wooden spatula cracked in half and a tine broke off his plastic fork as a result of over-freezing the goods. Thanks Starbucks!