#399's a Joke

#399’s a Joke

399On Friday, the MTA will introduce #399, a non-emergency mobile phone number motorists can use for roadside assistance on Los Angeles County freeways. It’s anticipated that #399 will reduce the burden on the 911 emergency system which the overly-dramatic seem to be calling whenever they run out of gas or get a flat tire.

Totally appreciate the effort–if you don’t have AAA this beats the hell out of walking a quarter of a mile to the nearest call box. But where will the quick-dial numbers end? #622 for unruly neighbors? #794 for potholes?

Why not just link this service to 311? One number, all city services, no confusion. Is someone going to lose their life within the next hour? Dial 911. No? 311. Easy peasy.

UPDATE: Brian from the LAFD reports that the City of Los Angeles has had a 311 system since November 2002. It’s time to get the word out. Graffiti removal, bee control, Christmas tree recycling, taking down shoes from utility lines, permits, Japanese Garden rental and more are just three digits away.