Lakers Announce Next Radio Voice Who Is Not Chick Hearn

Spero Dedes? Fresh after drafting 17-year old phenom Andrew Bynum, the Lakers continue a trend for young blood and announce 26-year old Spero Dedes as their new radio play-by-play man. Dedes comes to the Lakers from NBA-TV, so suffice to say no one knows a thing about him.

His hiring comes after the steady Paul Sunderland was let go from the TV broadcasts (Joel Myers was bumped up from radio to take his place; some of the more hysterical–is there any other kind?–sports talk radio guys viewed this as a careerist backstabbing of sorts.) No exact reason was specified as to why Sundy was passed over, but it probably was decided with same myopic market research logic the Dodgers applied when uncermoniously disposing of longtime broadcaster Ross Porter this year.

Needless to say the rookie Dedes will feel the long shadow of Chick Hearn’s big shoes. The deep lament for the passing of Chick is more than mere nostalgia; his skill was apparent right up until the end–he did games until age 83 (just 47 years to go, Spero!) In the meantime, you can check out this page to see just how many phrases that are part of the current basketball vernacular were invented by Chicky.