Harry Perry Potentially Relegated to 10x8 Harassment Zone

Harry Perry Potentially Relegated to 10×8 Harassment Zone

the godfatherI’m reading the Argonaut @ lunch today and I discover they’re shrinking the performance zones in my old stomping ground. The beach madness is being curtailed, and that can’t be good:

Since the lottery went into effect March 1st, street performers, who used to have few space restrictions, now have to limit their shows to a 20-foot-wide by eight-foot-deep marked area.

But that space may be even more restricted as the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, which operates the weekly lottery, is now proposing to cut all performance spaces on the boardwalk to ten feet wide by eight feet deep.

The fallout from such a change would be widespread to say the least, affecting not only Man Who Jumps Over Glass and Man Who Mouth-Balances The Stove but also Two Men in Blue Derbies Who Crack Wise, Out-Of-Tune One-Man-Band Man and who’s to say maybe even the godfather of them all, Harry Perry himself. From what I understand even Tom Cruuz will be relegated to a 10×8 couch-jumping oprah-strangling area. Oh my dear sweet fancy can you believe the gall. How dare they. Resist. Fight for your space, Men Of Venice. Fight.