Ktown Undergarment Competition Heats up

Ktown Undergarment Competition Heats up

KUDCCompetition for undergarment dollars remains fierce at the corner of 8th and Western with the recent announcement that $1StoreUp will now begin selling discounted undergarments to locals*. $1StoreUp has long been seen as a direct competitor to the Korea Underwear Discount Center in terms of local market share, despite its reluctance to cater directly to discount underwear buyers. The new model, along with the fact that the store is situated directly across the street, adds a wrinkle to the longstanding brick-and-mortar model currently in place at KUDC.

“Before, we were all about the discount. That model hasn’t changed. Now, we’re all about the discount INCLUDING discount underwear,” an unnamed source from $1StoreUp revealed**.

“It’s all about those few dollars in the average pedestrian’s hand,” a person who requested anonymity revealed Saturday. “You’re on this corner, maybe you’re waiting for the next Metro, maybe you’ve just left the Wiltern, maybe you live two blocks away. Whatever the reason, you find yourself here with a few dollars to your name and you have these choices coming at you from all angles. You can go into the $1StoreUp, or you can hit KUDC. Or, if you’re like me, you make a beeline for that shack across 8th and buy some delicious, flavorful pollo a la brasa and meaty beef-heart-on-a-skewer.”