Yo Manna is So Not Up To Code…

Messy wrote in to tell us K-Town’s $15 All You Can Eat BBQ joint, Manna was shut down Friday night.

We paid our bill and were on our way out when police officers came in and started yelling at a patron to get up and leave. (I still don’t know why they were yelling at the guy.) I saw that there were many firemen stationed at various parts of the restaurant. A waitress had no clue what was going on, so she asked me to ask one of the firemen. He named fire code violation after fire code violation. At this point, most of the patrons were getting up from their tables and leaving (without paying, mind you). The firemen cleared the rest of the people out. They closed down Manna.

I’m sure the violations had nothing to do with operating an indoor BBQ restaurant where patrons cook their own food. Their pajamas probably weren’t flame retardant.