Monsters On Parade

Monsters On Parade

hello!You gotta love the buffmonster’s li’l monsters. They’re cute and curvy with fucked-up x-eyes and pretty much ubiquitous in LA. Some have horns, others have nipples coming out of the tops of their heads. They’re tough to miss in my neighborhood.

Buffy takes flight – must be the spicy tortilla soup

Buffy gets tagged – it happens

Melrose/Fairfax wall: Three LA graf artists’ names + buffmonster signage. Anybody know the details of this wall? Did all three contribute, or is this just a paean to three taggers he admires? Was this done in conjunction with a show @ the previous New Image location? Street art followers please advise…i’m clueless. It would be a dream come true to discover all four of them painted this wall in a two-hour painting/oki-dog binge, the ’dog being a mere two blocks away.

In related defacement/beautification news, neckface appears to have left his scrawly mark throughout a perfect half-mile radius surrounding New Image, the gallery currently displaying his work:

Get this guy back to NYC pronto before he marks up my front door!