Some Dodger Musings

As we’ve written here in the past, we lean towards Dodger blue when it comes to baseball. While this season has been a wash, lately we’re floating high on back-to-back Dodger wins over Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz, both of which were won with improbable late inning rallies. That one guy came up with that one guy on base in the 9th and picked him up. OK, that’s exaggerating, but we barely know anyone’s name on sight alone with these damned nameless jerseys. It still doesn’t look good for making the playoffs, but we’ll take the small daily gains for what they’re worth.

We confess that lately we’ve been turning down the volume during Vin Scully’s incesant between-pitch anecdotes . Sacrilege, I know. But when a season’s not going your way, his perpetually sunny outlook and Farmer John pork plugs can really grate. He has a blissful detachment from the reality of a situation that’s second only to George Bush. It’s like he’s the Minister of Information for the DePodesta regime and more than once we’ve caught him being their appologist. Case in point: when the trading deadline was looming, he repeatedly commented that returning players off the DL would be better than any trade or pick up that might have been available. This sounds now as if he knew then that DePodesta would go on to not make any personnel moves. You would never catch Chick Hearn doing anything of the like; on a night (or the rare whole season) when the Lakers stunk up the joint, he’d be the first to say so.