Dodgers to Bring Back Nakamura and Reverse Curse?

Nakamura-sanBuried in Steve Henson’s Dodgers story a couple of days ago was the throwaway speculation that Norihiro Nakamura could be called back up when rosters can expand to 40 men next week. Nakamura, the former Japanese league superstar and losanjealous favorite, was sent down after only a month on a team that appeared destined for a great season with a torrid 12-2 start. Since then, the Dodgers have gone on to a mediocre season and now it’s time to see what these rooks really got.

We speculated back then that the Curse of Nakamura would infect the Dodgers’ season. And so it has come to pass. And of course, the only way to reverse the curse it is to bring him back and have him hit a home run.

While Oscar Robles has shown much potential, especially at the plate, they can leave him at 3rd base because Nakamura can also play first base. Nakamura is at least as good defensively at first as below-average fielder Jason Phillips (catcher), who has been platooning at first and drawing glares from Jeff Kent for missing coverages on occasion. Hee Sop Choi and Olmedo Saenz can get situational starts and pinch ABs.

Join losanjealous in a collective wish to bring Nakamura back to Los Angeles. How can you not want a guy who has “SAMURAI” carved on his bat on your team?