Profile: HamJiPark

Profile: HamJiPark

holy sweet godgam!If HamJiPark ye truly seek, HamJiPark ye shall indeed find yet be advised: ye may need seek alternate HamJiPark afore supping on grisled neck of pork.

Saturday’s mission: Try the Jonathan Gold-approved gamjatang at HamJiPark.

Gamjatang: Tender pork neck (still attached to bone), whole boiled potatoes, fresh scallions, a few scattered unidentified organs/tendons and seasonings in a rich red broth served bubbling and steaming in a cauldron large enough to perform serious tummy magic.

HamJiPark #1: 4135 W. Pico

  • Is this a restaurant? I spot a dodgy-looking fellow peering into parked cars, but nothing that says ’restaurant’ at this address.
  • The sign says ’Open’ and the exterior glass door is indeed open.
  • Alas. Padlocked iron bars do not allow me inside.
  • Smoking, disinterested people inside do not appear to be dining on porkneck. Attempt second location.

HamJiPark #2: 3407 W. 6th

  • This place is clean. A little too clean? Nay: Just clean enough.
  • Comforting thought: Requisite Ktown glass smokepatio subdivider and “B” health rating both appear to be in place. We’re in business.

The Gamjatang Review

A grizzly meal not for the fainthearted, yet nonetheless delicious. More than filling. Sloppy. Even with various spoons and utensils, hundreds of soup flecks managed to splatter my jeans, Jackson-Pollock-style.

Splatters aside, holy porkneck monstrosities. If you have a friend on the fence considering vegetarianism, bring them to this restaurant and order up a bowl of gamjatang immediately, as this meal requires enough bone manipulation to put anybody over the edge for good.

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