What Would Ralph Fiennes Do?

What Would Ralph Fiennes Do?

You are Ralph Fiennes, multiple Academy Award-nominated actor and eighth cousin to HRH The Prince of Wales. You find yourself in a movie called The Chumscrubber slated for release on November 11. Rotten Tomatoes has the critics giving The Chumscrubber a 33% approval rating: Nearly completely rotten.

chumbascrumbaForget the critics. You are Ralph Fiennes and you know this is a worthy vessel. Time to hit the promoting circuit. What do you do? Do you…

  • Downplay involvement and promote your role in Harry Potter?
  • Remind people of your work in the English Patient and Schindler’s List?
  • Go on Oprah, jump on the couch, pound your fist on the floor, strangle Oprah and declare your love for some 19-year-old starlet?
  • Call Matt Lauer ’glib’ and change the topic?
  • (other)

Send your entry to contest@losanjealous.com by November 11. Our three favorite answers win a prize package including a Chumscrubber poster signed by Jamie Bell, Glenn Close and director Arie Posen, along with temporary tattoos, stickers and an assortment of miscellany you will definitely want to keep forever.

The Chumscrubber is being released by Newmarket on November 11th.