Culinary Musings: The Apple Pan

culinary musingsApple Pan.

this teenie weenie place on pico blvd. serves a mean burger with good cheese. however, the tight space and the long waits make it not worth it in the lost run. it has the cool like back home on the farm in iowa feel to it. it’s pretty popular based on the wait. but i personally dig the hamburgers from in-n-out. oh, beware of the apple pie, it’s not very good. if you like your apple pie to be tasteless and dry, then you are in heaven. located on pico blvd. and westwood, but more to the east. cash only. and it’s on the north side, not on the side with the mall. there are bank of america atm’s nearby and wells fargo too.

(Note from Ktown: This marks the first of what we hope to be many stream-of-thought reviews from our new intern. Much like Robert Hilburn at the Times, we’re letting Mair run content completely unfiltered, unedited, unproofed. We hope you’ll enjoy the liberation at least as much as you do Hilburn. Finally, there’s been a lot of chatter about Pico stalwart The Apple Pan on local blogs as of late. Somewhat surprisingly, I’m reading very little about the “C” health rating they recently shook off. -Ryan)