LA Times Online Piles On Scientology Exposé

Coincidence?By now everyone has read and rightfully snickered over and linked the big Sunday Times Tom Cruise Scientology piece. On top of the big laughs contained in the article itself, an extra dash of (unintentional?) comedy was sprinkled on top when an early online release displayed it alongside a Microsoft ad featuring–you guessed it–giant lizards.

As we all know from Scientology secret doctrine, the mighty Xenu who ruled our galaxy 95,000,000 years ago was a giant alien lizard of sorts. They’ll deny it and say it’s a random ad, but you have to think the Times advertising dept. was taking the piss with this juxtaposition. And for that we say nice one.

On a related note, South Park’s recent take on Xenu was pretty good, if a little more “alien” than “lizard” for my taste.

from South Park