Profile: El Pecas #2 Taco Truck

El Pecas truck
Shortly after moving to the Mid-Wilshire neighborhood of Longwood Highlands (“A Neighborhood Of Pride”) in September, I expressed sorrow over the lack of efficient, inexpensive taco stands dispensing Mexican food within walking distance of my apartment. Most of my friends saw that I was feeling down, and would often attempt to console me, but I usually just pushed them away. It was having a real impact on my relationships with loved ones and casual acquaintances. So you can imagine my relief when, on a brisk November night, I drove past a new taco truck setting up shop on the corner of Olympic and La Brea. But after a brief delicious fling with the place, it vanished. Read about that sad tale here.

El Pecas pork spitThe taco truck did return to its spot in a car repair shop parking lot (FYI: Microsoft Word spell check thinks “car repair shop parking lot” is too many nouns in a row, but I’m gonna stick with it), and I’ve eaten there many times over the past few months. The truck is called El Pecas #2. It is owned and operated by Gerardo Navarro and Amado Giron. Navarro and Giron serve tacos and burritos cooked in the Jalisco style.

Saunter (or mosey) up to the window of the truck on any given night and you’ll see pork roasting on a spit and both Giron and Navarro dishing out buche (yes kids, that’s pig stomach!) tacos or a lengua burrito. The excellent salsas are based on Navarro-family recipes, which go back generations to the city of Arandas, Mexico, where some of the Navarro family still lives. The green and red salsas are some of the best I’ve ever tasted – both incredibly complex and challenging (as in they challenge me to be a better man, or think about world peace). I bet you don’t care to know what I order at El Pecas #2. Well, at first I was an al pastor man, but now I think that the carne asada is the meat-de-resistance at El Pecas #2. Try a few tacos, or order a burrito, I think you’ll be impressed. This is one of the best spots in town for quick, tasty Mexican food.

El Pecas plate El Pecas #2 can be found at the southwest corner of Olympic and La Brea 7 days a week from 6 p.m. until about midnight. Tacos, $1; burritos, $3. Giron said that El Pecas #2 is available for catering. He can be reached at 323-353-0874. I think they are going to cater my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah. Who wants buche? Next week, I’m going to try to figure out what the deal is with El Pecas #1.