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KKFrom the LACMA program notes–

Ten years after his death (while undergoing heart surgery at age fifty-four), Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski remains a towering figure in international cinema, a visionary who challenged audiences to find spiritual renewal in the most daunting and banal aspects of modern life. A product of the Eastern European state-subsidized film industry, Kieslowski worked for twenty years in short documentaries and television dramas, only emerging onto the international stage during the last decade of his life. Presented in the LACMA series is one of his crowning achievements– The Three Colors: Blue, White, and Red (three French-language features constructed around the themes of liberty, equality, and fraternity) was filmed in French and features major international stars, haunting musical scores, and ravishing cinematography. While still a student at the Lodz Film School (whose other notable alumni include Roman Polanski and Andrzej Wadja) Kieslowski wrote, “In addition to satisfying our elementary needs, we all aspire to something which gives meaning to our life and elevates it.” This credo echoes throughout his work. Among Kieslowski’s most memorable quotes was one offering advice to an aspiring filmmaker: “It is not important where you put the camera. What is important is why you put the camera where you put it.”

The Essential Kieslowski series begins at LACMA this Friday, 5/5 and Saturday, 5/6. Detailed program and ticket information available at

losanjealous has pairs of tickets to give away to readers for either night of the 2nd weekend of the LACMA program, Friday, May 12 or Saturday, May 13. The programs for these nights will feature Blue, White and Red (his Three Colors triology) plus The Double Life of Veronique. If you haven’t seen these in a while, haven’t seen them on a decent sized screen, or just never seen them period, cinephiles will want to catch these films. Veronique, in particular, is a must-see screening as there is still no DVD release for it.

Veronique Blue (Three Colors Trilogy) White (Three Colors Trilogy) Red (Three Colors Trilogy)

To win tickets, e-mail us at Winners will be selected at random and notified next Thursday, 5/11.