Culinary Musings: Blair’s

mac and blairBlair’s
2903 Rowena Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039-2003
(323) 660-1882

On the menu:
Truffle Macaroni and Cheese Side Dish – $7
Tartar Appetizer – $10
Linguini with clams, chorizo and English Peas – $17

Dark lighting makes eating here feel more like nap time because we were trying very hard to stay awake and it was only 7:30 PM. Seth Green and someone from the Wonder Years was sitting behind us, but no one noticed but my older sister. Slowly, as we were finishing up our Mac, the restaurant got very crowded and noisy that I just wanted to live. (live, damn you! — ed) Small spaces with lots of seats make for lots of voices bouncing against the wall and a high decibel noise level. We found out from reading some reviews to avoid table #7 due to a problem with the air conditioner leaking on that table.

Now on to the good stuff: the food. We ordered one side order of Truffle Mac n Cheese each, which was enough food for a meal for each of us. I wanted the tartare or is it tartar? Because I read it was awesome on Chowhound. And for some reason we were we also added on a Linguini with Clams, Chorizo, and English Peas dish because we were letting our hungry stomachs order for us. I figured out I DO NOT like truffles because they are mushrooms and have a very strong scent and a harsh flavor. I did enjoy the fresh pasta they made for both their macaroni and linguini; especially cool was the square pasta that looked like wide linguini on four sides. It was softer and fresher than any pasta I have had lately; it makes me want to start making my own pasta. The linguini looked more like flat angel hair and I thought it was tasty but did not like the chorizo in the dish.

mac and blairOverall, I probably won’t return to Blair’s, I heard someone say it was the best restaurant in Silver Lake and that makes me not want to try anywhere new in that part of town.

Give Silverlake another chance, Mair. Eastside boho mac and cheese sightings are a rarity. You have to seek them out. Like truffles.