Darkon: Win LA Film Fest Tickets

Darkon: Win LA Film Fest Tickets


Winner, Best Documentary, Audience Award, SXSW 2006


Intriguing Live Action Role Playing game played by citizens in Baltimore


One of the countless gems on display at the 2006 LA Film Festival


I really don’t know what to say about Darkon. It looks so awesome. It looks like a combination of Trekkies, Braveheart and Willow played by a cast of Starbucks employees. It’s a documentary of a live-action role-playing game wherein people put on breeches and proceed to beat each other over the head for bits of hexagonal land. I’m not sure if dice are involved, but anybody who’s ever spent time on Warcraft shouting ’ZogDog!’ to the monitor (guilty as charged) should find this immensely entertaining.

Enough from me, view the trailer (not to be missed)

In conjunction with the LA Film Festival we have a number of tickets to the Saturday screening of Darkon:

Filmmakers Andrew Neel and Luke Meyer boldly catapult us into the make-believe medieval world of Darkon, a fantasyland where Baltimore area residents staunchly partake in an elaborate live action role-playing game. Biweekly, these men and women leave behind their ordinary lives, don their alter egos, and become warriors and heroes in a fabricated community based entirely upon wish fulfillment. And though the film’s humor is rich and the lifestyle rings peculiar, Darkon touches on a fundamental truth shared by the warring factions: in order to endure reality, you need a little or, in this case, a lot of fantasy.

Mann Festival, Westwood
Saturday June 24 1015pm

To enter for your chance at a pair of tickets to Darkon, send an e-mail with your full name to DarkonMe@losanjealous.com before noon on Thursday, June 22.

Update: We have our winners. If you were contacted…you won. Bam.

ALSO…one of the filmmakers of Darkon sent me the following!!

“we are having a LARP demo at 6.15pm on saturday FRIDAY the 24th 23rd (today), the day of before the premiere. it will be located in front of the LA film festival offices at 1081 Westwood Ave, LA. Darkonians will be there, including Bannor, the film’s protagonist. it will be fun, i guarantee. tell your people to come down if they want!”

If you’re going to the show, turn out early to witness beating-atop-the head in person.

Again, the screening is this Saturday at 1015pm in Westwood. Please do not enter the contest if you cannot make the screening. I will release the hounds & send my warriors to beat you about the head with jewel-encrusted daggers and clubs if you do so. F’instance there is no earthly way you can see both Hurra Torpedo and Darkon this Saturday, no matter the size of your hexagonal land mass. Just saying.

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