Mac & Cheese Casefile #34889-B2: Slide Bar

Mac & Cheese Casefile #34889-B2: Slide Bar

Culinary Musings by Mac and Cheese MairSlide Bar

On the menu:
Appetizer portion of Macaroni and Cheese
Tuna Melt with Garlic Fries
Nachos with Carne Asada, no onions or salsa or cilantro
White Chocolate Crème Brule

So there is a band called Lit, they had a hit called “My Own Worst Enemy” or something like that. They opened a bar in Downtown Fullerton where the buildings look like a recreation of a small town Main Street. This bar has rock and roll and OC influence all over and even has an arcade with 80’s favorites alongside some driving games like Crazy Taxi.

Now on to the good stuff, the food. When the three of us first saw the menu I could not decide what to eat because it was hot and when it is hot I do not feel hungry. My two friends knew I wanted Macaroni and Cheese (because when do I not want Mac and Cheese?) but I would have been fine with a lemonade. At first I was hesitant because I had heard of this bar for it being a bar not for the food and I wondered if I was asking for trouble if I do order my favorite dish at a bar. I went against my initial prejudices and ordered a smaller portion of the mac and cheese.

The service was good and our food did not take long at all. When our plates came we were surprised to see such big portions. We dared the friend who ordered Nachos to eat the whole plate and we’d buy him a Jaegermeister chiller that was on display at the bar. I can say he did not even eat ¼ of the plate. The Tuna Melt with the Garlic Fries was a great combo. But the plate on the pedestal has to be the Mac and Cheese.

Slide Bar’s Mac and Cheese was just plain good. Too good to be true. And this was a cheddar based dish with elbow macaroni, no fancy or light cheese flavor. In addition to cheddar, there was Romano and Parmesan. It looked great and it tasted better than it looked. It was beautifully baked and browned to give it that wonderful Mac and Cheese allure. One bite and I was in love! Violet is still the #1 in losanjealous, but they do not use cheddar, they use Gruyere and it also has some ham and leeks. Of all the Mac and Cheese I’ve had, Slide Bar has the #2 and possibly the best of OC.

To end dinner, although we were full, we ordered Crème Brule which is very difficult to get wrong. It had the nice crisp topping which many restaurants forget is the best part of the dessert. It was served slightly warm, probably because the sugar was recently flame burnt.

We ended up with a bill of $32 for three, which is chump change compared to my usual $20 to $40 range for my own dinner. Other things on the menu are probably good. Food always sounds good in print, but you never know until you try it.

Slide Bar

(not in losanjealous… but close enough and the mac and cheese is so darn good)