BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Britney Files for Divorce; Dennehy Not Yet Cleared of Possible Involvement

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EXCLUSIVE: Losanjealous has learned that imposing, barrel chested, silver-haired 68-year old actor Brian Dennehy, star of many films, including Cocoon and Teamster Boss: The Jackie Presser Story, has not been officially cleared of having a role in the recent breakup and divorce filing of Britney Spears from Kevin Federline. The divorce papers, filed yesterday in Los Angeles Superior Court, do not explicitly rule out Mr. Dennehy as a party to the the break up, thereby raising all manner of speculation over his possible–some might say likely–involvement.

At press time, no futher details were available.

We intend to stay on the story until Mr. Dennehy’s good name has been cleared from this ugly event, so check back for updates.

Britney Spears portrait by Portraits by Debbie.