Rub-N-Tug @ Sarcastic/aNYthing this Saturday

Rub-N-Tug @ Sarcastic/aNYthing this Saturday


A Guy/Cult Member Called ’Tony Watson’ hooked me up with the ’Rub-N-Tug’ mix @ PS1 mix…which peaked my interest a while back. I spent days i.d’n tracks on that one…all the while bumpin their Fabric mix. I might have missed out on the last Rub-N-Tug event but this Saturday I’m ready! These guys are rocking New York City and are poised to do the same. Check the quote:

“Club life has died here, but in return heads have found their place in dive bars and lofts. In these joints it’s even more lawless than before which is, of course, pleasant. It suits us and in turn we’ve developed a sound that suits it.” The sound in question is a call to dancefloor arms.
– Rub-N-Tug

The ’D’ Guarantees a Happy Ending with this Rub-N-Tug!!!

rub n tug

ps: Shhh…the upcoming HarveySarcasticDisco will take place on
Saturday, December 9, 2006.
More to come on this for sure.