Losanjealous Benevolent Society Events: Jan 19 – 25

losanjealous benevolent societyThe Losanjealous Benevolent Society gathers a weekly list of strange happenings and fun events in LA. Visit our events calendar for the full list. And if you know of an event that belongs on the list, send us info at tips@losanjealous.com.


Photo L.A.
The 16th International Los Angeles Photographic Art Exposition Through Sun 1/21.

The Great Debate: Revenge of the Nerds @ UCB
Please allow yourselves a portion of your weekend to hear a debate that has been raging for centuries: “Revenge of the Nerds– An Enlightening Morality Tale or a Barbaric Affront to Civilization?”

“BEASTS!” book release party @ thinkspace
Ninety artists have each chosen a classic mythological or folkloric creature to illustrate. All of the depicted beasts have been thought at some time to exist (generally through a handful of eyewitnesses or as cultural stories).


Darth and Kevin Vader Talk Show @ UCB Theatre
The Darth and Kevin Vader Talk Show is a fun-loving and hilarious tribute to the Star Wars universe and all of its inhabitants.

kozyndan :: Nirai Kanai @ sixspace
For their second solo exhibition at sixspace collaborative duo kozyndan (Kozue and Dan Kitchens) will present a new series of original paintings dealing with the idea of the sean and its fables. Through Sat 2/17.

MONA’s Neon Cruise
A special cruise to beat the winter blues. With music, live poetry by Mike-the-Poet and 3 thirst-quenching neon stops.

Origins of the Rainbow @ Machine Project
The latest installment of ING’s 8-part series on the colors of the rainbow happens January 20th at 8pm. Wear something or everything green. Green. Green. Green.

Performance @ Drkrm.
Prints by John Matkowsky made from negatives of Cecil Beaton’s exotic vision of rock icon Mick Jagger as part of an exhibition showcasing two seminal works of motion picture history, Performance and The Man Who Fell To Earth. Through Sat 2/24.

Pho-dobo-rrito @ GR2
Group show that will include drawings, sketches, prints, and other work by Martin Cendreda, John Pham, and Albert Reyes Through Wed 2/14.

Puzzles Art Show @ Silver & Grey Gallery
Thirty artists unite under one roof for an intimate and colorful engagement filled with juicy art, a super stellar vibe, and a unique spectrum of contagiously delicious beats. All slicksters were asked one simple question…WHAT PUZZLES YOU?

Venice Contemporary
Live Painting: Mear One, On the Decks: Mr.NumberOnederful, Live Performances by: Divisible.


Barry Glassner with Sandra Tsing Loh @ Fine Arts Theatre
Barry Glassner is author of “The Culture of Fear,” which probes why Americans are afraid of the wrong things. Sandra Tsing Loh, the author of “If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now” and “A Year in Van Nuys,” is also known and loved for her radio bits on KPCC.

Beakman Live!
Living proof that science can be fun, with belief-suspending demonstrations of intriguing scientific principles, plenty of audience participation, and his trademark goofy humor. Ages 4+


Robert Stone with John Densmore @ Fine Arts Theatre
International best-selling novelist Robert Stone won the National Book Award for “Dog Soldiers,” a seminal anti-war novel about the Viet Nam War. Who better to chat with Stone about the Sixties than John Densmore, the drummer for The Doors?

David Lynch @ Borders Westwood
David Lynch presents his new book, Catching The Big Fish, and describes his personal methods of capturing and working with ideas, along with his practice of meditation. 1360 Westwood Blvd. 7 pm.

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