Bandini Art Gallery Opening: “Black Tie Informal”

adagio.bmpA few words from the Artist Statement provided by exhibited artist Sharon Ben-Tal:

My work investigates ideas, repetition, gesture, and the physicality of imprint. My process is characterized by much research, labor-intensive experimentation and consideration.

As I wandered around the small Culver City-adjacent gallery housing Ms. Ben-Tal’s work on Friday night, it occurred to me that my work too investigates ideas of repetition and gesture. As in I repeat myself while gesturing at things. And hell yeah I love to investigate ideas. But I’m not going to charge people $5,000 a piece for it. Maybe that’s my problem.

Ms. Ben-Tal continues:

With this newest body of work I have chosen to diverge from a single theme and instead allow wonder, metaphor, and play to tickle the spirit of my curiosity.

That also sounds like something right up my alley. Why is it then after strolling around for about eight minutes all I can think is “Who puts an art gallery on the peninsula where La Cienaga meets Fairfax? I mean it’s just crazy.” The art is okay. It looks better in the flyer. When you see the $5,000 price tags it looks a lot better in the flyer.

In one of her paintings

the formality of my work is matched with carefree imagery; a lyrical tangle of intersecting lines rest on an ethereal plane made up of more than 80-90 layers of meticulously honed, home-made paint formula.

My good lady, beginning at the semi-colon you have described a portrait of none other than a)you b) me and c) Losanjealous itself.

On that note I took my plastic cup of Fetzer Merlot and walked into the night.

Black Tie Informal

January 20 – February 24, 2007
2635 S. Fairfax Avenue
Tuesday thru Saturday, 11am – 6pm
(310) 837 6230