BREAKING! More Details On Your Dream Escort Night With The Losanjealous Photographer/Janitor

’LaAs announced yesterday, Losanjealous is sending one lucky person out on the town this Saturday for food and indieröjc music.

Ladies. Ladies, Ladies. Today we’re proud to announce that you’ll be dining at none other than La Bodeguita de Pico, the new “buzzworthy” Cuban joint situated on Pico (where else!) – just across the street from Oki-Dog East.

La Bodeguita de Pico has been personally hand-and-foot-selected by the Losanjealous Board of Directors for its cavernous space, great live music, sumptuous food, auténtico Cuban vibe, Hemingway photos and abundant booze. Packed to the gills on weekends, La Bodeguita de Pico carries on the tradition of its flagship restaurant in Cuba. But why take our word for it? Let’s let the restaurant speak for itself

On April of 1942 in Habana Vieja (Old Havana) Sr. Angel Martinez-Borroto opened a little bodega out of his home that he called, “La Bodeguita del Medio.”

A gifted storyteller and an extraordinary host, Sr. Martinez quickly turned his quaint little spot into the top destination of the most famous Cuban artists and musicians of that time. Cuba in its heyday was the go-to destination of the world’s rich and famous (many of whom you can find on our walls). From Errol Flynn to Ernest Hemingway, they all came to “La Bodeguita del Medio” to share a mojito and a laugh with Sr. Martinez and friends…

To this day, you can find “La B del M” all over the world, from Mexico to Spain, France to Venezuela, Guatemala to the United Arab Emirates. And now, Sr. Osvaldo Enriquez welcomes you to the first “La Bodeguita” that he can call his own. He and his family welcome you to “La Bodeguita de Pico”. Rich with the flavor and atmosphere of Cuba, we are certain that your dining experience at La Bodequita de Pico will be as “authentic” as if you were dining in Habana Vieja in 1942.

So come. Relax. Enjoy.

Critics Rave: “This would be a perfect place for a photographer/janitor to wine and dine one lucky lady before taking her to a gig” – S. Irene Virbila, LA Times (paraphrased)

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