Losanjealous Benevolent Society Events: Feb 23 - Mar 1

Losanjealous Benevolent Society Events: Feb 23 – Mar 1

losanjealous benevolent societyThe Losanjealous Benevolent Society gathers a weekly list of strange happenings and fun events in LA–the more ridiculous, the better. Visit our events calendar for the full list. And if you’re organizing or know of an event you think belongs on the list, send us info at tips@losanjealous.com.


Dwarf Basketball
Rosemead High School is hosting a benefit basketball game. Come and see a celebrated team of dwarf basketball players team up against the faculty and staff from the high school.

Second Annual 67th Annual Fake Awards @ Fake Gallery
If you see only one awards show this season it’ll probably be the Oscars, but if you’re not doing anything on the Friday before the Oscars check out The Second Annual 67th Annual Fake Awards! Come see your favorite fake celebrities recieve fake awards for the fake movies of 2006! All attendees will recieve a fake gift bag worth the price of the bag. The Fake Awards! Fake Winners! Real Losers!


4th 2nd Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational
Think you are a Fucking Grilled Cheese Championâ„¢? Here’s your chance to prove it. New for this year, contestants will also have available for use an “Exhibition Grilling” station where Grilling can commence if there is a performance aspect to your grilling. PLEASE NOTE: You will still have to submit your sammiches for votes just like before. The only difference is that here you’ll be able to show the audience what your cheese is really made of.

Cannibal Flower February Show
FEATURED ARTIST: Alex Garcia (paintings); LIVE PERFORMANCE: KILLSONIC (jazz avant garde, Brian Chic Master Bullwhip Artist; BEATS CURATED BY Mr.NumberOnederful, DJ Zewter, Patrick Icon.

Golden Dragon Parade
In celebrating over one hundred years of tradition, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles presents the 2007 Golden Dragon Parade. With over 110,000 individuals lining the parade route, this colorful celebration along North Broadway in Chinatown has become the premiere cultural event in the Southern California Asian-American Community.

Is that all there is to fire?
A show about boredom. At High Energy Constructs. Opening reception Saturday, February 24, 2007 6-9pm. Through Sat 3/31.

Joint Custody Project @ Found Gallery
Found Gallery curator Jonny Coleman selected forty-eight L.A.-based artists to collaborate on pieces of work. The artists were anonymously paired with one another, and each team was given a blank surface to work from, along with the title of a Supreme Court case to guide their work. Each artist had the work for one week, documenting each day’s work through photographs. Then they switched. In total, each artist had the work twice. Through Sat 3/17.

Kay Sedia’s Tupperware-tacular @ Fake Gallery
¡Ay, caramba! It’s Kay Sedia’s Tupperware-tacular. Song, dance, Tupperware, illegal aliens! And bring your checkbook or credit card – there’s Tupperware to purchase.

Swap of the Golden Pig @ Betalevel
This Saturday is the Lunar New Year festival (the Year of the Golden Pig no less). Golden Dragon Parade. Firecrackers. Car show. The works. You and a hundred thousand other people all crammed into Chinatown. And after the festival winds down, everyone will try to simultaneously cram into the Chinatown bars…But not you. You know a better place. You know a place where you can get a drink for naught but a kindly donation. You know a place where people are actually interested in your extensive krautrock MP3 collection. You know a place where you can sing karaoke to that one Disney song, in Italian. You will turn to your posse and say: “Forget those overcrowded overpriced bars – come follow me down this dark alley!”

The Juice is Loose @ 507 rose
A salon-style show of contemporary paintings made by primarily Los Angeles-based artists.


Oscars Viewing Party @ American Cinematheque
If you have ever wondered what Penelope Cruz’ petite Prada clad derriere would look like projected on a 57 foot wide screen, you will DEFINITELY want to join us for the American Cinematheque’s Oscars(c) Viewing Party at the legendary 1922 Egyptian Theatre… across the street from where “the industry’s most glittering night” will unravel… unfold…? unfurl…?


DANCERS! @ Lava Lounge
Bobbie Burlesque presents DANCERS! Lava Lounge’s last show ever.