Losanjealous Benevolent Society Events: March 23 - 29

Losanjealous Benevolent Society Events: March 23 – 29

losanjealous benevolent societyThe Losanjealous Benevolent Society gathers a weekly list of strange happenings and fun events in LA–the more ridiculous, the better. Visit our events calendar for the full list. And if you’re organizing or know of an event you think belongs on the list, send us info at tips@losanjealous.com.


Where fans go to buy autographs, photos, Polaroid’s, DVD’s & products & meet the porn stars of tomorrow as well as the mega stars of today. Through Sun 3/25.

Central Bookings
Long awaited show by JoeX2. The Philly native has done it again with a highly stylized series of mugshots-meets-glamour-shots depicting urban criminals and nostalgic heros. Graffiti never looked so good. Cocktails will be poured.

DJ Relay @ Betalevel
DJs and original composers create 20 minute sets of live electronic soundscapes and beats, showcasing their styles in unique blends of digital and analog, mind and body, hamster and corn.

lol: Marta Edmisten @ another year in LA
another year in LA will be exhibiting works in the form of documentation of intimate internet exchanges between individuals seeking sexual interaction from Ms. Edmisten’s “Blind Date” and “pinkpussypanties” projects.

The Friday Forty
The Game: 40 questions about the last 7 days. Scott & Dave pull 3 contestants out of the audience, Price Is Right-style, to play. If they’ve been keeping up with the news, they ought to be in good shape. Player with the most points wins. Simple as that. Kind of. Each player (and both hosts, and the audience) gets a 40-ouncer of domestic beer. It’s like “Best Week Ever” and Remote Control” had a son, and he started dating Tara Reid.

Three Companeros @ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
In this parody of the sitcom “Three’s Company,” Lance Armstrong, Jake Gyllenhaal and Matthew McConaughey (portrayed by other actors) are celebrity roommates who try to woo their wacky landlord’s beautiful female visitor. Double entendres and a series of misunderstandings threaten to turn them against one another. Which celeb will get the girl? Through Fri 3/30.

Towards demystification of the modern computer @ Machine Project
Computers seem complicated, right? in a noble attempt to understand the guts of these magical machines, we’ll discuss the very basics: bits, binary to decimal conversion, basic logic gates, and assembling several logic gates for more sophisticated operations– interjected with historical references to morse, braille, and boole.


Ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. With discussions, demos, and interaction from participants. Through Sun 3/25.

Because I Can’t Be Beethoven @ Dangerous Curve
Watch Parris Patton sledge-hammer a piano out of a 27,000-pound block of ice. The whole thing starts at noon on Saturday, March 24, 2007, with the delivery of the piano, and goes to 10 p.m., by when the piano will have been completely consumed.

Rock Paper Scissors Rumble 5
Join us for our 5th RPS Rumble at it’s new location, The EXPLX. Will you meet RPS4 2nd place winner The Lion Tamer or two time returning champ, Caine? Watch the RPS Rumble video teaser. Live performances by CHEESEBURGER and The Gray Kid!

The Secret Lives of Dolls
Premiere Solo Show of artist sisters CJ Metzger and Miss Mindy. Gallery Revisited will be transformed into multi-dimensional installation views using the walls and foreground to create playful-appearing vignettes. At first glance it will be breathtakingly bittersweet and full of serene whimsy. Closer inspection will reveal the subtle nuances of the work and the intimate details of stories being told. Through Sat 5/5.

Venice Contemporary First Annual Spring Invitational
With beats curated by Mr.1derful and DJ Jeff Lesh. Live painting bt Atiba Azikiwe Andrews. And a very special musical guest. Through Sun 4/15.


ING presents the origins of the rainbow: Indigo @ Machine Project
Through eight monthly installments, ing will reveal the origins the rainbow through an original creation myth. Each of the seven performances will explore a specific color.

Mosaic Los Angeles Tour
Join us on a self-driving tour showcasing Los Angeles’ unique spin on the ancient art of mosaics, with docent-led tours at stops throughout the city.

Mr. Stay Puft’s Revenge Dodgeball Tourney
Bust out the old spandex, striped tube socks, nut huggers, proton packs, and hairspray because it is time for some super sweet dodgeball. All the shots to the privates you can handle without any of the unsightly bruising or swelling.


Philip Zimbardo @ Central Library
From the creator of the landmark Stanford Prison Experiment, a revelatory exploration of the human capacity for evil – and what we can do about it. Zimbardo, Stanford professor emeritus of psychology, was an expert witness in the Abu Ghraib court-martial hearings.


Ivan Reitman screens Duck Soup @ Skirball Cultural Center
Award-winning director/producer Ivan Reitman was the creative force behind such beloved, raucous comedies as Old School, Animal House, Stripes and Ghostbusters, as well as more sophisticated delights including Dave, 6 Days 7 Nights, and Twins. He will screen the Marx Brothers’ Duck Soup. A Q&A with Reitman will be held before the screening.

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