The Carina Round Conversations

Below are some of the conversations that may or may not have happened during the Carina Round show @ Hotel Cafe last Friday.

’Carina’Me: Have you guys heard of Carina Round?
Girl 1: No. Who is She?
Girl 2: Ha Ha! She’s who we’re here to see. Carina is the greatest! Like, so the greatest.
Me: How greatest is she?
Girl 2: Like, I want to be reborn as Carina Round.
Me: Wow! So, you’re excited to see her tonight?
Girl 2: Um, yeah.
Me: How long have you been listening to her music?
Girl 2: Um, for, at least a year.
Girl 1: Oh, wait, I know who she is. She’s on that CD I got from [redacted] like six months ago. Hey, that’s when you heard of her too.
Girl 2: Oh, yeah.

Me: So, how do you like the show so far?
Guy 1: Oh, she’s really doing a great job up there.
Me: How would you define ’great’?
Guy 1: Strong singing, great guitar, and she looks just fabulous.
Me: Do you have any qualms about a Brit singing on an American stage?
Guy 1: What? No, of course not.
Me: Do you have any concerns about terrorism? 15 British sailors were recently kidnapped by Iranian forces. Some are reporting chants of “Death to UK” all over Iran. Are you concerned about Iranian violence at the Hotel Café tonight?
Guy 1: I’m gonna get back to the show.

Me: Do you consider Carina Round a feminist?
Guy 1: Yeah.
Me: Do you consider yourself a feminist?
Guy 1: I guess so, yeah.
Me: Do you consider Margaret Thatcher a feminist?
Guy 1: The former Prime Minister of England? I don’t really know. I guess so.
Me: Do you consider British poet Elizabeth Bibesco a feminist?
Guy 1: I don’t know who that is.
Me: Yes, but do you consider her a feminist?
Guy 1: Sure.
Me: Do you consider your girlfriend a feminist?
Guy 1: Only with me.

Me: What’s your favorite Carina Round song?
Girl 1: I really like Come to Me, the one she just sang.
Me: She ended the song singing “such high expectations will burn in your hands.” Have you ever been burned by high expectations?
Girl 1: Um, I guess so. Haven’t we all?
Me: Has your hand ever been burned by high expectations?
Girl 1: My what?
Me: What about your head?
Girl 1: [nervous laughter] I think my friend is calling me.

Me: Carina Round was born in the British city of Wolverhampton. Are you concerned that wolves are dying at a heightened rate in the southwest?
Girl 1: Yes, I guess so.
Girl 2: No, natural selection. It’s the way of the world.
Guy 1: They scare me.

Me: Does it shock you at all when Carina Round hushes some lyrics, then shouts certain words for emphasis
Girl 1: The first time it did. I was like Whoa, she just shouted realllly loud.
Girl 2: No, she’s awesome. She’s a true singer, one whose voice can’t be controlled by a room or a body. She’s like no else I’ve ever heard.?’Carina’
Me: What about PJ Harvey? Or Paula Cole? Or Patti Smith?
Girl 2: I haven’t heard them.

Me: What did you think of the show?
Guy 1: It was great. Really raw, and she’s pretty funny.
Girl 1: Yeah, she was so personable. Great show.
Me: Do you own any of her CDs?
Girl 1: No, but I’m gonna get one now.
Me: Would you like to see her come back to LA at some point?
Girl 1: Yeah, I would see her again.
Guy 1: Dude, I would totally see her again. Great voice and really cute
Me: Would you come back if she weren’t so cute?
Guy 1: Probably.

Carina Round’s new album drops June 5 on Interscope. She plays the Viper Room with full band April 16.

Bonus Photos
Above #1–with Dudes
Above #2–with Dude