Mac & Cheese Casefile #8-022272B: Cafe 50's

Mac & Cheese Casefile #8-022272B: Cafe 50’s

Culinary Musings by Mac and Cheese MairCafé 50’s
11623 Santa Monica Blvd

Reviewed Entree: Fried Mac and Cheese

I have taken a detour from finding the best Mac and Cheese in town to just trying it wherever I go. One would be surprised to see the variety of Mac and Cheese offerings in LA. On a low key birthday celebration I found myself at Café 50’s in West losanjealous. This was one of my favorite spots in college; they have decent diner food, great shakes and board games to play while you wait. After this visit I still love this place, now four years after college.

My eyes grew large when I saw Fried Mac and Cheese on the appetizer menu. Of course I ordered it to share amongst the four of us. When the appetizer arrives at our table, we are greeted with triangular, battered and deep fried Kraft Mac and Cheese. Hmm… I proceed with caution. I have the triangle of fried Mac and Cheese on a fork and I observe all of its few caveats. As I bit into it, my mouth got a blast of very hot frying oil.

Fried mac and cheeseUsually frying food makes things a whole lot better. For example, deep friend twinkies! Sorry, bad example. My friend from Texas told me about how they fry Mac and Cheese, corn on the cob, candy bars, pastries packed with preservative (twinkies), pizza, and a whole gamut of foods that taste just fine the way they are — not fried.

Okay, back the Café 50’s Fried Mac and Cheese. I got little flavor besides what one would normally get with food that has a thick beer battered coating. These triangular deep fried macaroni pieces were served with bleu cheese dressing and orange wedges. Overall, it was a nice deep fried fix but I’d prefer a fried zucchini or a French fry.

Will I order it again? No. But I am glad I tried it.

Café 50’s
11623 Santa Monica Blvd.
West losanjealous
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Two other locations: 838 Lincoln Blvd., Venice and 4609 Van Nuys Blvd., the Valley (Sherman Oaks)

And Now For A Photo of Cheese Fries and Connect Four:
Cafe 50s