Hadrian’s Crossing Headed to Los Angeles

’Hadrian’s News comes today from the Newton Daily News that up and coming metal/progressive act Hadrian’s Crossing out of Kellogg, will be moving to Los Angeles at the end of the summer. H.C. describe themselves as:

“…a powerful mix of melody and metal. Influences include Dream Theatre, Lamb of God, Tool, Children of Bodom and Between the Buried and Me. The band is currently seeking to fill out their lineup and will be moving to Los Angeles at the end of the summer. Members include “Samuel The Quick” on guitar, “Taylor The Triumphant” on guitar, “Wilhem the Wicked” on drums, and “Jordan The Temporary” on bass.

’H.C.’ “Jordan The Temporary’s” sobriquet is indeed accurate, as apparently he is not a permanent member of Hadrian’s Crossing and won’t be making the westward trek. Thus, the band are seeking a bass player and vocalist. Those interested should contact them via their MySpace page, which is currently streaming their demo tracks “The Killing Nightlights”, “Oedipus Rex” and “Bloodshed.”

However, before their big move to Los Angeles, H.C. will partake in the first Battle of the Bands/Jasper Jams at Aces Teen Center in Newton. Newton Daily News reports:

The event, which is sponsored by the Newton Transformation Council Connect Youth to the Vision Action Team, will pit bands against one another for cash prizes of $250 for first place, $100 for second place, and $50 for third place.

Along with winning the $250 first place prize at Battle of the Bands, the winning band will be asked to perform at the Family Fun Festival in Maytag Park on July 2.

Los Angeles, make a mental note to look up Hadrian’s Crossing in the near future as they make their way onto our local scene.


Taylor The Triumphant in the band’s Kellogg studio