Get It While It's Not Hot: The Churro Milkshake

Get It While It’s Not Hot: The Churro Milkshake

If you think a churro is nothing without its warm, gooey center, turns out you couldn’t be more wrong. Churro purists, look away. Because if you hit the Counter before July 1 you will no doubt succumb to the sweet, chunky, cinnamon-laden brilliance of the churro milkshake. Oh yes.

the churro milkshakeThe only way this Milkshake of the Month from Santa Monica’s gourmet burger joint could be more delicious is if it had some sort of horchata component. (It employs the unambitious though sensible “vanilla” base. You could argue that they didn’t want to overdo it, but this is a restaurant that will pile fried egg, fried pickles and “horseradish cheddar” on your burger if you so desire.) Even so, it is awe-inspiring. It’s also further evidence of Los Angeles’ raging case of multiple personality disorder, bringing to mind a scene in which a smog-darkened churro truck plows through the uber-stylish garage door that takes up one wall of the Counter and explodes with bits of fried dough, giving diners something new to drink with their black forest ham-covered burger.

The only downside, and this should be obvious: Straw stoppage is considerable, so you must be coordinated enough for the spoon/straw combo. You can do it.

the churro milkshake

The Counter’s Churro Milkshake
2901 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica
Last chance: June 30