On Blogging: A Note From Your Mother

On Blogging: A Note From Your Mother

Note from the Editor: Ryan has taken a blogger’s holiday leave of absence and has apparently asked his family to fill in the gaps until his (preferably delayed) return. Presenting: Ryan’s Mom. [Aside: Is it the venue, or does she really drop the S-bomb like that all the time?!..]

DennehySo would a guest blog be a glob? Who ever heard of a vacation from blogging? Admittedly, I’ve been on
a blogging vacation since February – that’s when mine went live. The three posts it contains seem to be holding their own. Timeless in their importance perhaps. Certainly nothing there to leave the reader hanging by a thread waiting for the next installment.

I really didn’t think I’d want a blog until the son asked if I wanted to add one to my web page. (What would I do with a blog?) I’m not a writer – no need to write. I’m a photographer dammit – you know…all that “a picture is worth a thousand words shit.” Is it okay for a Mom to say shit in a blogging protest? Probably not. [Let it out. This is Losanjealous. -ed]

Not only am I on a blogging leave of absence, I don’t read blogs – occasionally I’ve happened upon one through a random google search. But honestly, do we really care if Karin bought curtains for her new apartment or had sushi for dinner? Or if Kirk went rollerblading or got falling down drunk? I think you get the picture. WE DON’T CARE!!! WE NEED TO SHOUT IT!!!! STOP THE BLOGGING MADNESS!!!

If you MUST blog, please take my lead and try to post not more than three times every 4 months and please make sure it has some reference to Danny Glover, Brian Dennehy and/or Danny DeVito.
Thank you.
That is all.