Craptastic Cell Phone Photo of the Week: Stallone, Tonsil Goo, Pepsi Sandwiches

The week was rife with challengers, friends. Rife, I tell you! We’re actually looking at a three-way tie, and once again content reigned over crappiness. First up is the inimitable Frank Stallone Band™ playing a riveting (assumed) set on the miniature stage inside Culver City’s Cinema Bar last Sunday. Frank can be seen to the LEFT of the ghostly apparition:


…Sunday’s show was the FIRST time the frank stallone band had played publicly. Their WORLD debut. not june 26.

after seeing him sunday tho, i would guess frank stallone performs anytime there’s a stage.

[The band will also be at] Rae’s in Venice this Tuesday night the 17th of July. It’s the full band this time in preparation for the Boston show, July 21st.

Hold on a second…Does Rae’s even have a stage!? After the jump, photo submission instructions and disgusting(ly mediocre) photos. Fair warning.

Second in our three-way tie goes to this unbelievable action shot of tonsillitis triage in the windy city:


I took my buddy [redacted] to the hospital last week for severe tonsillitis. here’s a description in his words along with a cell phone photo. I’m not sure if it might qualify for your contest since it’s not that shitty of a photo.

“The procedure was kinda brutal but short lived. The worst part was the 5 shots of local anesthetic in the tonsil on the right side which had swollen to 3/4 of the airway. Then they broke out the big needles and (if you’re queasy skip to the next paragraph) sucked out 4cc’s of pus. About the equivalent of two digits on my index finger. Even I was suprised. The surgeon said she’s never drawn more than two out of anyone. I’m the best!! Then she sliced the insertion point open a little more with a scalpel and gave me control of the suction wand and told me to go to town so I jabbed it in the wound and sucked out the rest of the putrescence on my own. It was barbaric!”

Speechless, but glad you made time to capture the moment via cell during the proceedings. Third in our three-way tie goes to a double-feature taken in Santa Monica last week:


Big Jo’s Pepsi Sandwiches! On Broadway.


Chili dog. What you can get at Big Jo’s!

Nothing will ever be so lovely as a blurred close-up of a chili dog in my book. Finally, honorable mention goes to this photo of the word ’Graffiti’ in Dallas if, for nothing else, the sheer unabashed mediocrity of it all:


Dallas, TX outside the Angelika movie theatre, taken on 1-9-07. In a move that was very postmodern, someone wrote “graffiti” as graffiti.

That wraps up your crappy cell photos this week; I’m outta here. Have a great weekend.

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