Second Photo From The New Wireless Device

Hundreds of you mailed in last Friday, outraged and dismayed at the first published photo taken by one of the new 2-megapixel, flash-enabled wireless devices™ being issued all Losanjealous field agents post-haste. In the hopes of placating said reproaches, we now present Photo #2: Serious hangover fare courtesy the always reliable Cactus (coincidentally itself also #2 [aka Ktown Cactus … not Home-Of-The-Crazies Cactus . . .])

1 – Asada con todo s
2 – Chorizo con todo s
2 – Al Pastor con todo s
1 – Sope con Birria (!)
1 – 32 oz. Horchata, fourth of the eight 32-oz drinks consumed that grueling afternoon