Craptastic Cell Phone Photo of the Week: Bunny on Broadway

As a non-subtle reminder Losanjealous constantly mines, sorts and processes the cruddiest cell phone photos ever taken, weekly, for your cheap enjoyment. Friday, the week’s most egregious is bestowed the honor CRAPTASTIC CELL PHONE PHOTO OF THE WEEK.


8 14 2007 2:30pm slvr man with rabbit in stroller broadway downtown

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This is a photo of, yes, a wheelbarrow full of spaghetti and meatballs.

I took it a couple years ago on the 3d Street Promenade in Santa Monica. There was this huge display in anticipation of the start of the first season of “The Biggest Loser”. There was a wheelbarrow next to a cardboard cutout of each contestant and as I recall the amount of food in the wheelbarrow corresponded to the amount of weight that contestant lost during the show. I kept it because…hell, it’s a wheelbarrow full of spaghetti. How often do you get to see that?


So thanks to losanjealous i got to go to the MF Doom show with my friend Alanna. We werent interested in the opening acts so we got there around 10. 10:30 would have been better since Blu was still performing. Blu (rapper) and Exile (producer) have a new album out called Below the Heavens. I have heard good things about it but watching his performance didnt make me want to check it out. I like everyone else at the El Rey on sunday night were just waiting for Doom. After a long intermission around 11 the curtains opened and Doom was DJing as collaborator Mr Fantastik did a few songs. Finally Doom walked out form behind the tables and started to do his thing. First up with a track from Dangerdoom, then a few from MM Food and then a couple highlights from Madvillainy (Accordian, All Caps, Curls) then did two King Gheedorah songs ending the show with “The Fine Print” and was ghost. Didnt even rock it for 30 minutes. To be fair that was his third show in three nights and you could hear it in his voice. He didnt talk between shows at all. But the paying crowd was pissed. Thankfully we got hooked up thanks to losanjealous but it wasnt worth the money. Ive seen him twice both at the El Rey and both were disappointing, will continue to look forward to Doom CDs (you know that Doom + Ghostface is going to be great) but not his shows.


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Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 18:04:25 -0700

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