Ye Aulde Weekly Cell Photo Of Dubious Quality: ‘COKE’

’COKE’As a non-subtle reminder Losanjealous constantly mines, sorts and processes the cruddiest cell phone photos ever taken, weekly, for your cheap enjoyment. Friday, the week’s most egregious is bestowed the honor CRAPTASTIC CELL PHONE PHOTO OF THE WEEK.

This week’s winner was chosen based on sheer ambiguity. I have no information regarding the photo; simply a wonderfully cruddy photo. Was it taken locally? Was it in reference to Lohan? Was it taken by Charlie Sheen? Was it taken in reference to Charlie Sheen? Does it in fact have nothing to do with Charlie Sheen whatsoever? Does the tagger hate Pepsi? These questions and more: they plague me, albeit mildly so. Have a great weekend in NorCal at the Bigfoot Jamoboree. _Ryan

Have a craptastic cell phone photo to share?
We’re Accepting Submissions! Your cutoff for submitting that stellar capture of the ballsy San Vicente jaywalker, the rare capture of Rutger Hauer at Hauer&Sons Automotive and the proprietor of the snack bar inside the Troubadour is midnight, Thursday.

Send your photo to for consideration! Include date, time, and model of phone (if applicable).