Tupac Impersonator Crashes Trek Film Festival


At the Fine Arts theater in Beverly Hills, George Takei (“Sulu”) and Walter Koenig (“Chekov”) joined their fan film counterparts (and hundreds of others) for the premiere of “World Enough and Time”, the best STAR TREK fan film ever made, downloadable here.

’Sulu’ This is the story of warm and humble STAR TREK fans who quietly joined the STAR TREK universe with a bang-on homage to the first STAR TREK series. Using the original series blueprints, NEW VOYAGES rented space to build a scale model of the Enterprise NCC-1701 Bridge. James “Kirk” Cawley was a former NEXT GENERATION costumer, so he made uniforms. As for a mandate, let me quote his website: “Star Trek: New Voyages’ producers/crew feel that Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest should be treated as ‘classic’ characters like Willy Loman from Death of a Salesman, Gandalf from Lord of the Rings or even Hamlet, Othello or Romeo. Many actors have and can play the roles, each offering a different interpretation of said character.”

Boldly did they go. STAR TREK Fans all over the Internet volunteered what amounted to $1,000,000 of post production expenses. The results are so good, the real Sulu and Chekov beamed down to rekindle their roles.

It was an opportunity Tupac impersonator Josh Harraway could not pass up. Harraway arrived either before, with, or after the press, no doubt capitalizing on his Vulcan-sounding namesake, to secure a seat. A brief Q+A with the filmmakers and actors followed the screening of the film allowed him to ask a self-promotional question disguised as a STAR TREK question.

What follows next is a DRAMATIZATION of what happened:

“Are there any more questions about the filmmakers or the franchise? Yes, sir? In the back?”

(Man takes microphone.)

“Excuse me, I’m… Well, I’m obviously a Tupac Impersonator… My name is Josh Harraway… And I really like what y’all are doing. When I impersonate Tupac for films, parties and other events, I get the same sort of rush that I see, you know, in your film and whatnot, and that film was beautiful you know, really well-done and for the fans… and I know all about that, you know, doing the same thing basically… but my question is this, and it’s more of a statement… When I set up my Tupac Impersonation website at www.tupacimpersonator.com I had to, you know, get in touch with the fan base and whatnot. And when I realized how many fans are out there, you know, waiting to meet other fans, I wanted to check you out. Let me say that all of us tonight are grateful to what you have done. Thank you very much for an enjoyable evening, and good luck with your project.”