Useless LA Coffee Poll: Who’s Got The Best?



(a) Cafe Tropical (Either) (Silverlake pictured)
(b) King’s Road (Beverly)
(c) Groundworks (Any)
(d) Peet’s For Life, Brah (Any)
(e) Lost Souls (Downtown)
(f) Insomnia (Beverly)
(g) Urth (Any)
(h) Stella (Silverlake)
(i) Buzz (Beverly)
(j) Koffea (Ktown)
(k) Newsroom (Either)
(l) Nandarang (Ktown)
(m) Mr Coffee (Ktown)
(n) The Cow’s End (Venice Pier)
(o) The Griddle (Sunset/Fairfax)
(p) Stir Crazy (Melrose)
(q) One O’Them South Pasadena Joints (South Pasadena)
(r) Fucking Denny’s, Man
(s) Fucking Starbucks, Stop Hating
(t) Psychobabble (Los Feliz)
(u) Sabor Y Cultura (Armeniawood)
(v) Casa de Sousa (Olvera) (Downtown)
(w) The Coffee Table (Either)
(x) Cofftea (SG Valley)
(y) Casbah (Silverlake)
(z) The Pantry Goddammit (Downtown)
(aa) Whats-its-name, Studio City (Studio City)
(bb) MaGee’s Donuts, Duh! (Tranny Central)
(cc) Bob’s Donuts (farmer’s market, 3rd/fairfax)
(dd) My buddy Bjorn’s kitchen (redacted)
(ee) Silverlake Coffee Co (Where the fuck might you suppose)
(ff) Casa Blue (Highland Park)
(gg) Chango (Echo Park)
(hh) Intelligentsia (Silverlake)
(ii) That one joint on Fountain (Fountain)
(jj) The Scientology Celebrity Centre (Celeb Centre/BeHo)
(kk) UnUrban (Stallone’s Fave) (Santa Monica)
(ll) Portfolio (Long Beach)
(mm) Write-in:
(nn) Write-in #2:
(oo) Write-in #3:

This list is by no means exhaustive. Vote for no more than five. Criteria to consider: available coffees, crowd, waitstaff, clientele, comfort, wifi, couches, ambience, entertainment, readability, parking, # dogs, # writers, # bums, restrooms (free/25cents/fuckoff none here). Criteria will add weight to to your tally if provided. No login required to comment. No real name required to comment. Generally speaking you will not be humiliated or ostracized for whatever the fuck you decide to comment. Get out the vote.