Mr. T Visitor Guide: Elvira Incident, Hollywood

Sometimes T has a lesson to teach you fools! Holidays are times for burying the hatchet. Now before you fools go gettin’ ideas about burying a hatchet in someone’s head, quit yo jibba jabba and listen up. Back in the day, T was starring in his own television show and asked his spookiest friend to be a guest star. She responded by callin’ T’s agent on her car phone and tellin’ him she was booked for Halloween on another show… a show with 2 fools ridin’ around on motorbikes arrestin’ people in tight pants on the freeways of California. Now T don’t know what to do. He’s mad as hell, but never hits a woman. So when Daniel Franzese invites him to his Hollyween art opening many years later, T decides to do the right thing and bury the hatchet with his old friend.

“ELVIRA! I aint one to call nobody a fool, but you chose Ponch over Mr. T!”

“Ohhhhhh……. Mr. T… fancy meeting you here, my muscular little pal.”

“ELVIRA, It’s time to pay the piper. Mr. T demands an apology!”

“Ohhhhhhh……Mr. T, you still look just as BOOtiful as…”

“Don’t give me no backtalk Elvira! You deprived my fans!”

“Ohhhhhhh……Mr. T, don’t make me get rough with you!”

“WOMAN! Put me down and get them bosoms outta T’s face. I’m tryin’ to say it aint right what you did to my fans, but in the spirit of Halloween, T’s gonna try and bury the hatchet.”

“Ohhhhhhh….hatchets. Mr. T, you always knew how to sweet talk a gal… (smooch).”

“Put a T down, woman…. I got some fools around this party that need to be scared straight!”


“The T forgives you!”

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