Covering The Live Coverage: TMZ Finds Man With Rare Dollhouse Head Outside Britney Spears-Related Locale


Lest he be unceremoniously stricken from the internets like so much background noise, Losanjealous provides these topical, in-the-moment screen captures of Man With Dollhouse On His Head, originally streamed live by Los Angeles’ own at approximately 440pm Pacific Standard Time today.

Loitering aimlessly, the house-hatted gentleman captured the TMZ camera crew’s attention as they prepared to stream numerous choice legal and non-legal words and phrases (“children” “visitation” “not a victory” et al) accompanied by the video image of one Mark Vincent Kaplan, attorney to Kevin Federline, presumably outside of a courthouse.

While it is unclear at press time precisely what the local news organization hoped to glean from the legal and non-legal words spoken by Mr. Federline’s attorney (accompanied by his video image), it remains perfectly clear to the crew on hand – and, broader, the TMZ-viewing world at large – that one man did in fact have a children’s dollhouse strapped to the top of his head for a period of time today.

Source: TMZ