DJ Ricardo Villalobos @ Random Pier Muelle Baron, Valparaiso, Chile, 1/11/2008

DJ Ricardo Villalobos @ Muelle Baron, Valparaiso, 1/11/2008
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Wanted to check out Chilean DJ Ricardo Villalobos on a pier in Valparaiso, Chile, at the Muelle Baron (yes, a pier!). Showtime was at 9pm, so like a good American-raised girl, I suggest we get there at 8:45. “Estai loca?” was the resounding answer from my photographer. “Nadie va a estar a las once! Lleguan a las 1:30am!” I eyed her suspiciously and we soon compromised arriving at the worrisome hour of 11pm. Supposedly everyone got there at 1:30am. At 11pm, I marched out to the venue, confident that, this being an expensive electronic show, the place would be packed.

We get there. No one. “No hay nadie! Te dije!” Said the photographer. Puta la guevea! There were crickets! She was right! There is no one here yet! A DJ spinning, nerviosamente mirando al grupo pequeño. And like good Chileans, they started marching in at 1:30 am. They fill the place up. At 1:30am, back home in LA, I’m usually getting home, ready to turn in.

The crowd is very cool, a good mix of electronic fans but also, interestingly, TV and music stars. There was the reality show star Eyfat, of Fama fame]. There was the girl who owned her own record label and who “had a big part in launching Soda Stereo” , one of the bigger musical acts in Latin America. Su nombre? No tengo la menor idea. Also, no pokemones in sight (these are the Chilean equivalents of scene kids, except they listen to – get this – reggaeton). Then there was the big fat perverted annoying guy who followed us around all night. “Andate a la mierda. Get out of my face, you turd” I would say to him. But he wouldn’t budge. “Es que aqui a los chilenos les gustan que seas pesada.” Figures. Villalobos was spectacular, managing the equipment with ease and simplicity. The crowd ate it up, danced, caroused and drank the expensive drinks from the bar. They loved their Chilean DJ.

I’m impressed. I’ll miss this place. I’ll miss you, Pokemones, annoying Chilean fat guys who can’t take a hint, and obscure Chilean reality TV stars. But I’ll be back, Valpo. I’ll be back real soon.

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