Your Weekend Poster Snapshot

In which Kermie becomes an unwitting shill for a skateboard-and-tennis-shoe shop. Green guy was spotted on Fairfax at Oakwood. But wait, it’s been modified. What’s this “slay” business…commentary on the store? The poster tactic? Iraq? Overall Weltanshauung? A nudge from the creator to modify any further posters we may encounter? Who cares at the end of the day; long live Kermit. Note to Supreme: Consider wheatpasting locations that are more than a half-block from your own store. Go a few more blocks east and head up La Brea towards the Henson lot; should go over well.

In unrelated weekend poster activity, Robbie Conal’s newest double-sided missive “Emission Accomplishedwent up February 29 and can now be seen all over town. Gruesome, but it makes its point. I’ve already seen a few that were not cleaned so much as they were town down in disgust. Maybe you’ve seen one? Was it whole?