Barack Chooses Taco Mate: Al Pastor or Chicken?

Barack Chooses Taco Mate: Al Pastor or Chicken?

Obama Taco

From Oregon’s Mid-Williamette Valley’s StatesmanJournal:

Customers at Luis’s Taqueria on Front Street in Woodburn were caught by surprise Friday when Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama walked into the Mexican restaurant during the noon hour and ordered a plate of carne al pastor — a pork dish seasoned with pineapple, onions, cilantro and lime.

From Official Obama HQ blog:

On the campaign trail in Oregon today, Barack stopped at Luis’s Taqueria in Woodburn. He was joined by his brother-in-law Craig Robinson (who was recently hired as the head basketball coach for the Oregon State Beavers). The two sat down for a quick meal of chicken tacos

So which was it? Al pastor or chicken tacos? The photos seem to depict some dark meat, possibly al pastor , on the plate nearest him. Was there an attempt on the part of Obama’s official blog to cover up an al pastor selection with a more pedestrian, less potentially-controversial chicken selection in order to increase his appeal to undecided swing state voters? Or, perhaps they feared a public al pastor allegiance might subconsciously conjure up all that Pastor Reverend Wright nonsense.


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