New Kids On The Block: The Rehearsal @ House of Blues, May 13, 2008

We received the following NKOTB Special Today Show Rehearsal Gig missive from our very own Audree this morning:

Tuesday night, after almost 20 years, my inner 10-year-old finally got to live out her childhood dream! The place was packed with 90% 30-something females comprised of fan club members and Interscope label people and the rest being either gay men or conceding boyfriends. They were forty minutes late coming on stage but right when they walked on, the crowd turned into fans of Justin Timberlake likeness and started cheering like little girls. When they walked down the catwalk into the middle of the HOB pit, grown woman were pawing at their feet and trying to touch them. It was hilarious! My friends and I were on the sidelines by the bar but we soaked it in and just decided to get into it and start screaming too. The best part is they did all their songs with synchronized choreography just like back in the day! They ended up only teasing us with a 20 minute show – a medley of old hits, a new single “Summertime”, and another old song – to promote their upcoming national tour. It was fun and nostalgic but I don’t think I’ll be spending my hard earned cash to see them. That’s just me though, because the girls I was with are already planning to be front row when they roll in town for a show at the Staples Center later this fall.

New Kids will perform on The Today Show…tomorrow.