Charles Phoenix’s Slide of the Week: Watching Sparks Fly, El Monte, CA, 4th of July, 1953

One man, two women and two little boys gather ’round to enjoy the defining moment of our most patriotic holiday. Yes, collectively as a society we Americans just love to gather ’n gawk at flying sparks provided by festive explosives mass produced in the place where they were invented more than one thousand years ago, China. It’s our way of saying Happy Birthday USA!

The women both have handy sparkler lighters, aka cigarettes. And between those lovely multi-media butter sculpture to me. But everybody knows that even after the sun goes down on the 4th of July in El Monte, CA, its still to hot to display your latest work of butter art. Who do you think she is? What do you think she could be!

Here’s to flying sparks, the Chinese that invented them, 232 years of Americana and YOU!

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