PV Looks Like A Wispy Mustache Resting On A Cloud Of Haze Today

Hey guys. Whassup? Long time no talk. Would you believe it? A few months back three different assholes managed to illegally touch my “D” in the same week. One even had a dog! That just ain’t cool. Man. I dunno if the cameras were off…if they pulled some James Bond magic…if they were led by Danny Ocean or what, but they did it, sure as I’m standing here. I get all kinds of foot traffic, but three “hands on” experiences in a week is a bit much to handle.

Whoo! It’s a hot one today. Yes? I thought Labor Day was supposed to cap this sort of weather. Days like this I just want to tumble right down into that reservoir. Christ, and that haze. Even up here on Mount Lee I could just barely make out Baldwin Hills earlier. And I can just barely see the top of PV now – sorta looks like a mustache floating on a cloud. Palos Verdes: A Wispy Mustache Resting On A Cloud Of Haze. All in all, though, it ain’t so bad. It was a lot worse a couple of weeks ago. Y’shoulda seen it.

Weekend plans? Let’s grab a drink soon! (And this time, let’s really do it and not just say that we are going to do it.) Peace out, THS