Janes Addiction @ La Cita, October 23: Pictures And Video

Janes Addiction @ La Cita, October 23: Pictures And Video

briansaddictionWhoops! That should read, “Pictures and video wanted.” Who’s holding? Please remit. I found three reviews of the show this morning (they follow), and they aren’t telling me a thing:

I just walked down to Ye Old Taco House Numero Uno to grab a burrito and was greeted by a line of people. “WTF?” I thought, “Did some film crew just get off work and everyone got a wild hair up their ass to come get a cheap burrito?” I would quickly learn the answer to that question was, “No.”
(Downtown Liberation Front)

Tonight the original lineup of Janes Addiction is playing the tiny ass downtown mexican bar “La Cita”, known mostly for it’s post-raver neon hoody wearing banger electro coke-sniffing hipster parties. Sweet.

Good luck getting anywhere near the venue, as it is likely to be a Hollywood douche scene for at least a 3 block radius. But if you do, take pictures and tell me about it.
(Make out club)

Anyone get in tonight? I totally got shut down. I spoke to one guy who had been waiting in line since 3pm today and didn’t get in. That’s what happens when a supposedly secret show get leaked on indie 103.1… The bar holds less than 400 people — must have been a great show. I hope they go on tour now.

UPDATE – 850am
K-Ron 75 is first on the scene over at Flickr, including the obligatory set list shot.

Reviews and bitchy comments galore: Kevin Bronson, Califaudio, more Flickr photos, Dave Navarro blogs it (Did I mention? Those who went to Stereolab last night and turned on Showtime after arriving home at a sensible hour (1am) also saw Dave Navarro, rebroadcast, hosting the red carpets at the AVN Awards in Vegas)