John Oates to Play Agoura Hills Nightclub...with Garfunkel?

John Oates to Play Agoura Hills Nightclub…with Garfunkel?

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John Oates w/Special Guests Garfunkel & Oates (Female UCB Comedy Songwriting Duo) @ The Canyon Club, Agoura Hills Sat Jul 11

Hang on – two girls from the UCB who call themselves Garfunkel and Oates are opening for John Oates in Agoura? How exactly did this happen again? In Oates’ own words:

They are amazing. I’ve seen them on the web, but never seen them live. We have a little surprise planned…

I discovered them on the web, emailed them, and said, “Hey, you guys are amazing! I’m going to play the Canyon Club, do you want to come out and open for me?

We’ll have an extended conversation with solo artist John Oates, one half of the bestselling rock duo Hall and Oates, hitting the site soon. Stick around.

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